Saturday, May 29, 2010

Memorial Day: More than just a day off

Because of my role as chaplain with the NHFD I participate every year in the town's Memorial Day ceremony. Typically the event draws about 50 people. That's all. And the vast majority of them are my parents' ages. Seldom are there any young people or children.

We're missing an opportunity here.

Our freedoms and the freedoms of so many other countries were obtained by men and women who wore the uniform of this country and paid the supreme sacrifice. And Memorial Day is set aside to remember them and express our gratitude.

I realize that there are many other things to do on Monday. And most of them are more fun. But already I know that my own generation has allowed the purpose of the holiday to be about cook outs and the beach. That has been magnified in my children's generation, and I fear that my grandchildren's generation will have no sense of how our freedom was won and preserved.

So, why not take some time Monday to take your children to a Memorial Day ceremony or observance. Several are proudly done throughout Dare, at cemeteries and monuments, either led by veterans' groups or town officials. Your kids will sing the National Anthem, pledge allegiance to the flag, perhaps hear taps played on a bugle or Amazing Grace on bagpipes. They'll see proud veterans - true American heroes - assemble to remember fallen comrades.

Let's teach our children the meaning of sacrifice for freedom. Let's show them what that magnet on the backs of our cars that says "Support our Troops" means.

If they can understand what it means to give your life for others then explaining the Gospel to them will be easier. Isn't that what Jesus did?


Twinkletoes said...

Thanks for the reminder. It is appreciated!

Thodgson said...

Thank you for sharing this post and saying yesterday what time the ceremony is in Nags Head. I tried to look on every local town's website and even the county's website and facebook pages and could not find anything... If all goes well with the littlest one this morning we will see you at 11 - Thanks

Rick Lawrenson said...

? It is on the Nags Head town site.

Thodgson said...

not on the town's site where we live