Thursday, March 4, 2010

As the World Turns

Some might wonder, "What will you be doing on your Sabbatical?" (I've had a couple of pastors wonder, envious that I'm in a church that provides such a thing.)

It's rest, but it's not all rest. Even while we're very casually galavanting across the country and taking in the beauty of creation and reuniting with friends there are some projects I've started that are under the current radar. When I get home I'll be able to focus more on them and less on the road.

Both projects are literary. One is intended to encourage the church to work with, not against her leadership to accomplish the purposes God has given us. Most of these thoughts have been gathered from my 19 years serving the same congregation. We've learned a lot of lessons together! If you've followed this blog you've probably read my "Ed and Edith" posts. (If not, you can find them easily.) The book is about them.

The second writing project on the desk is a look at Jesus as a leader, not by what He said, but by what He did. Leadership is about example, and He was the best ever. This may take the shape of a daily devotional type of thing for leaders.

So one is about being a gracious follower; the other about being a godly leader - both topics I'm trying to learn.

I'm also gathering notes from the churches we visit on the road, and will do so when we visit churches once we get back home. Always I'm on the look out for great ideas and ways to improve.

Then, at home my to-do list is huge. I've got two houses to work on, so I'll stay busy with them as well.

And if you're a pastor, you know that even when you're on a vacation or, in my case, an extended break, you're mind and heart never totally disconnect from the flock. One of the advantages of social networking is being able to hear and "feel" the growth and the hurts so you can, even thousands of miles away still pray effectively.

There, that's all the work for today. Let's hit the road!


Kevin said...

I look to seeing your finished work Rick! Can I pre-order my copies now? ;)

75vette said...

Hey, Rick...glad your trip is going well. Any chance you can put a widget on your blog that will allow those of us who hate RSS feeds to subscribe via email? Thanks and look forward to getting together for lunch when you get home. Mike Gothard

Rick Lawrenson said...

Hey Mike,
I'll add the link, but I'll have to get some help doing so.

Rick Lawrenson said...

Mike, if you're talking about this blog, the link is already there.