Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Vacation starts today

My wife and I are visiting our daughter and her husband in Vero Beach, FL (famous today for a cheesburger assault). We're looking forward to the break.

I gotta say this: my airline experience today with Southwest was the best I have ever had. The departing flight left on time; the plane was not packed, in fact was probably only 25% occupied, which meant the seat between us was empty; Southwest jets have far greater leg room than Delta, for example; the flight landed in Orlando on time and went straight to the gate. They won me over today.

Temps will be around 80 tomorrow.

And the big news today is that our second grandchild will be a girl. Congrats Rachel and Ramon. What's wild is that she is due on the same due date as our first granddaughter Gwyneth, only a year apart. We're hoping this one takes the full ride!


Terry Gray Sr. said...

Congrats Rick. Hope you and Gail have a great time in Fla. I guess because you will now have two grand children.....it means you are getting older faster. ( ha ha )

Lu, Poppies Blooming said...

Wow, you should write them a letter! lol, so many airlines get complaints lol!

Have a nice holiday and congrats (well, more to your daughter than you lol) on the grandbaby!

Rick Lawrenson said...

Most likely they've already had someone read my post. Big companies have professional lurkers looking for comments "out there" about them.

Rebecca Meyers said...

Yes, I've had several good experiences with Southwest and MUCH more room than any other airline I've flown! Congrats on the baby girl. Girl was my last minute bet on Monday night!! How exciting.

Andy Lawrenson said...

Southwest actually treats the customer like they matter. Something some of the other big industries need to practice.

One time it was a flight attendants birthday and the crew leaving the plane asked us all to press the flight attendant button when the flight attendant said a certain word during the pre-flight instructions. It was hilarious!

Brad, Carmen, Braylen and Alea Fleck said...

We LOVE Southwest! They are the best--friendly, funny, lots of room, reasonable prices and they are usually on time!! We fly them everytime we can!!

Anonymous said...

And Southwest doesn't charge you to check in luggage!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on becoming a grandfather for the second time! That's really funny how she has the same due date as Gwyneth.

Will be praying for Rachel and Ramon that they have a positive pregnancy experience getting ready for their new addition to your beautiful family.

It's funny, I've never met any of you, but feel like I know you after following your blogs for the last year! Very strange.