Thursday, October 11, 2012

Keeping Our Perspective

Yesterday was not a good day for our house.

I got a frantic call from Gail that water was coming out of our hot water heater and the "whole house is flooded".

Fifteen minutes later I was wading through it myself.  Gail had a broom, sweeping water out the back door.  Not quite the whole house, but 3 bedrooms, utility room, kitchen, office and living room.  All covered with water.

I ran to the local Ace Hardware and grabbed a 10 gallon Shop Vac and started immediately getting the water out.  I called a local company that deals with these kinds of things and they arrived, setting up fans and dehumidifiers.  I went down to our homeowners insurance office and opened a claim.  Our daughter and son-in-law came from work to help get things out of the house.  Everything that had been on the floors was wet.

The adjuster comes over at noon today to assess the damage.  Then the real work will likely begin and we will probably have to be out of our house for a while.

Can I say that this wasn't the best possible time for something like this to happen?

As we looked at many of our belongings, including old photos and such drying out on our deck, I could see that the emotion of it all was weighing heavily on Gail.  So I reminded her of the need to put this all into perspective.

"This is how I see it.  Yesterday I took the wedding ring off of the finger of a 50 year old husband and father who died unexpectedly and gave it to his son who handed it to his mom.  Today our daughter-in-law is in the hospital struggling with lungs that no longer want to work and facing a second lung transplant.  What's happened here is nothing in comparison.  This is stuff that can be fixed or replaced.  This is just an inconvenience.  And God knows all about it."

Perspective matters in how we deal with the curve balls life throws our way.  Keep your perspective.  Most likely "this too, shall pass".


Betsy said...

No, not a good day at all. Praying for God's peace for you all in the midst of trying times.

Ken Pontes said...
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Anonymous said...

Rick, your family and your congregation are lucky to have you. God bless - I know you'll get through it. Will pray for you and yours.