Monday, February 7, 2011

A Year Already?

The one year anniversary of our road trip across America - part of my sabbatical - passed the other day, February 5. It was one of those (perhaps) once-in-a-lifetime-opportunities that will always be one of our greatest experiences together.

In total we spent 42 days going from Kitty Hawk, NC to the Keys to the West Coast and back. Many of those 42 days it was just Gail and I. A few were long days getting from point A to B. Lots were spent with friends and family along the route. All of them enabled us to view this magnificent country in which we live.

I'll have to go back and read the blog I kept during the trip.

If you ever get the chance to do something similar, I hope you will!

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Rosie Hawthorne said...

Mr. Hawthorne and I took 2 months - from September 15 to November 14 - exploring this beautiful country - from coast to coast and back again. What a wonderful experience.

I'll have to check out your trip.