Friday, October 22, 2010

Where are Jackson and Sharpton?

Juan Williams, a liberal, former Washington Post reporter and writer known for his writings on the Civil Rights movement...and dare I say, a black man... was fired by National Public Radio for having a less than politically correct opinion.

He also appears as a commentator on the FOX news network, not that that has anything to do with his firing.

I've been watching and listening all morning. I've yet to see Jesse or Al pop up blasting NPR for being unfair and calling for a Congressional investigation. (NPR is owned by the US Gov't.)

Jesse and Al, it's not like you to stay silent like this. Where are you?


Bryan said...

Why on earth would they defend him? His opinion was disgusting and offensive to people all over the world. He deserved to be fired.

Andy Lawrenson said...

I flew the first day flights were opened up after 9/11. I was nervous. If I mentioned that should I get fired?

Political correctness has to go. I'm tired of it.

You are right Rick. Where are the Jackson and Sharpton?

Bryan said...

wow, it's shocking to me that people think it's okay to be nervous around all Muslims. Would it be okay if I said I was nervous around all Christians due to Timothy McVey? That kind of attitude is utterly disgusting and should have no place in this country. It's sickening

Rick Lawrenson said...

I don't think it's hatred - that would make it sickening. I think it's fear.

And when someone is genuinely fearful - even a child of the boogey man in the closet- that fear is real.

The only way to overcome those fears is to prove to the fearful that the fear is unfounded.