Monday, March 22, 2010

We all lose because of lost opportunities

The actions in the USHOR in passing a health care bill that heaps a mountain of debt on our children, provides federal funding for abortion and will require every American to have health insurance, etc., etc,. is a millstone about our country's neck. As a social conservative and believer in capitalism I'm more than concerned about the changes being made in Washington.

I'm also so tired of the bipartisan shoving and shouting matches being held from both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue. The Blue team has used their majority might to push across a socialistic agenda. The Red team has cried foul and vows to stage a house-cleaning and reversal come November. To the Red team I say, "Too little, too late."

We've had a health care crisis in this country for years. If you're fortunate to have medical insurance (as am I) you (or your employer) are paying up the ying yang for it, and the costs just keep rising. Many employers can't afford it, and if/when they are forced to provide it will either be forced out of business or will be forced to drive the prices for their goods and services higher, resulting in inflation and job cuts. Something needs to give, that's for sure.

Here's what has happened. The Democrats, led by President Obama's vision and agenda, have picked up the torch. They've been trying to bring health care reform into our system for years. They have shown great initiative and tenacity, like it or not.

So what have the Republicans done? They claim there are better ways to bring health care costs down than by nationalizing it. I think they're right. But apparently they have been sitting on their hands and now find themselves in the position to do nothing more than watch as the other side steam rolls them.

What if a few years ago, when the Republicans had a majority they had gone after the multi-millions in Medicare fraud and brought it to an end? What if they had said "Enough!" to the billions of dollars awarded in malpractice suits, limiting the funds awarded and ending the greed? What if regulation had been placed on the pharmaceutical manufacturers who are turning an obscene profit on the cost of prescription drugs? Have you had a surgery or made a visit to the ER lately? Did you have to take out a second mortgage on your home (if it hasn't been foreclosed on) to pay for it? What if illegal immigration had been stopped so that the taxpaying citizens of this country aren't paying for health care costs of those who aren't?

My point is that something could have been done years ago to reduce the cost of health care and to make it available to the masses and wasn't. But now the Republicans are saying, "This isn't the way to do it", as if they have a better idea now. Where was that idea when Hillary's health care initiative was shot down? Then was the time and now the time has slipped through our right hand. Now is too late.

Pro-active is always better than re-active. We needed a map long ago. Now we're lost and can't seem to find our way out of the woods. All we know to do is holler.