Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sunday Flashback

This morning I spoke to the Forest Park Baptist Church in Vero Beach, FL. My son-in-law is the student/parent pastor here. So since we're here visiting the lead pastor gave me an invitation to speak.

FPBC has a different dynamic than NHC in many ways, but has a heart to reach their community. Friendly folks! Using Acts 2:41-47 I talked about God doing new things and the church being ready to take the opportunities He brings to accomplish His purposes. Nobody (that I could tell) fell asleep.

If you struggle with insomnia Terry says the message will be up on their podcast page soon. (Be warned, when I mentioned being "busted in church" it was right after a grandma got up from her seat to discipline her grandsons who were less than engaged in the message.)

After church we were taken out to lunch to the Lobster Shanty on the river in Vero Beach. Good seafood! Tonight we're going to a hand bell choir concert.

I hear things went great back home at NHC to day. (But then I heard it from the guy who did the preaching.) I'm excited to see the pics from the baptism.

Home tomorrow night!


MilePost13 said...

Andy was cracking jokes about you...something about you being abonormal...

anyone else remember this?

Terry Gray Sr. said...

I am thinking that it does ring a bell......however the service was a good one. Andy's message was one that need to be heard and he did an outstanding job. The band was great, what a great list of songs, and again I want to say sorry to the people sitting in front of me.

I do want to make one additional comment though, How come each time Rick or Andy "go" some where, their comments read like a Resturant taster report. Do these boys just love to eat or what?

CJolly said...

Andy did say he wasn't the one people would normally see up front, but that he was the normal one...He did deliver a great message!
During the second gathering, I carefully planned and executed a test of the band's alertness by starting with the second song instead of the first one. After a breif moment of confusion on Nate's part, the band fell in line with me and made a seamless adjustment. I was impressed.
BTW Rick. I missed the end of the Redskin's game yesterday. Who won?

Terry Gray Sr. said...


The usual ones won the game;

Who ever played against the Skins!
But the "Boys" did win against the Giants.