Thursday, December 11, 2008

Busch Gardens and Fred's Market

We took a looonnnggg drive across the state to Busch Gardens in Tampa. A zoo with rides. Because of the morning rain the place was nearly deserted. No lines. Lots of birds. Everywhere. Rode one pretty wild roller coaster. One of those high speed twirly loopy g-force rides that make you wobbly when you get off.

On the way back we randomly stopped in Bartow at Fred's Market Restaurant. We we actually looking for Perkins but not seeing it, pulled in to Fred's. Lots of cop cars in the full parking lot. That's a sure sign there's good food inside.

Good food is an understatement. Fred's has a buffet of nothing but Southern style food. I had more than enough of the food that makes life wonderful. Things like fried green tomatoes, collards, baked talapia, stewed tomatoes, sweet potatos, fried catfish, black eyed peas, cabbage, barbecue pork ribs. There was much more that I never even got to sample. Things like corn pudding, fried corn bread, chicken and dumplings... If you've eaten Southern you get the picture.

Two thumbs up for Fred's. Five stars. My new favorite buffet in the universe. And the bread pudding was totally outrageous. I did start with a salad, by the way.


MilePost13 said...

Oh to be in FL today...although it's very warm, it's wetter than a Gwyneth kiss here right now.

Thodgson said...

Yummy- southern cooking