Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sunday Flashback

Today was "Backpack Sunday" - we're on the home stretch of our Operation Backpack to provide free school supplies to needy families here locally. Last Sunday we encouraged everyone to come to church with a backpack - either one to donate or one filled with school supplies or both! It was a lot of fun! My backpack? A hot pink Dora and Boots model. All the little girls were fascinated that Pastor Rick was walking around church wearing that!

The message was on a more serious note: loving one another in the family of God. My goal was to encourage those believers who were not yet connected to the church to make the commitment. You can't practice "brotherly love" if you're not in a committed relationship with the brethren.

We cut the time a little bit so that we had an extra 5 minutes at the end of each gathering for folks to "connect" or to come up and talk to the pastors about plugging in to NHC. It was a great mix today of songs, teaching and fellowshipping.

There were so many at church today that we had to print up extra outlines in both the adult gathering and in Kids Church. Way cool!

After the second gathering our pastors had lunch (thanks Hospitality Team!!) with 5 folks who have taken my Discovering Nags Head Church class and applied to be partners with us in the fellowship. Then we met with them one on one and heard their stories about faith and both asked and answered questions about them and about the church. God continues to grow us!

This afternoon the MP 13 Band is practicing for this weeks Impact OBX - a four day missions blitz for area church youth groups. Then later this evening our Contagious youth group meets at the beach for fun and teaching.

It's a great day!


TerryKM said...

I tried to listen to the podcast but when I tried to view any of the podcasts (using the link from the main church website) I got a bad link message.

Rick Lawrenson said...

For now use the link on this site. We'll get the other one fixed.

Terry Gray Sr. said...

good job today Rick....I got it.

Kim said...
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Thodgson said...

I am still bummed that this cold jumped on me Sat. night - *sigh* I missed Backpack Sunday!! I am looking forward to listening to the podcast -

MelB. said...

My sister and I were able to attend your service while on vacation last week....great message. It really bugs me when people say they do not need to be involved or connected to a church. Anyway, we got to speak with a few people who were there, we loved the back packs :) and it's ok that you were "busting" on Philly sports fans, because it's all true!