Saturday, July 12, 2008

As the world turns

I began reading a new book yesterday entitled "Courageous Church Leadership". I’m just getting into it, so I can’t tell you what it’s all about, but the little bit I have read has me intrigued. The book is a series of interviews with church leaders who have led their congregations to “attempt great things for God and expect great things from God.”

Give me some more of that!

Leadership is necessary – some would say a necessary evil – in every facet of life. And part of being a leader is being willing to be courageous and take risks. Families without courageous leadership are called “dysfunctional”. Businesses without courageous leadership are called “out of business”. Sports teams without courageous leadership are called cellar dwellers. But what about churches?

Jesus believed in it so much that He modeled it perfectly. His goal was for 11 men to take the baton as He passed it to them and with Spirit empowered boldness turn the world upside down. With leaders like Peter, John and later Paul the first century church accomplished so much because those men and others like them took huge risks. When everything and everyone told them “No way” they dared to prove them wrong.

They are our example for today. When modern churches and leaders have the courage to trust and believe God like the apostolic church did and God responds to their faith by taking them down roads that are both scary and at the same time exhilarating I want to find out who they are and how they stepped out so boldly.

It’s not my nature to be bold and courageous. And often times I think, “I’d rather not be leading”. But my nature and those thoughts are not from God’s Holy Spirit. And I can’t escape the prospect that in His sovereignty He has positioned me where I am not to sit on the sideline; not to cower when everyone and everything says, “No”; but to ask for a double dose of His boldness to lead.

If you’re a leader at home, at work or in the church I would guess He’s positioned you for the same purposes. Your family, your workplace, your church are all teams. If you’re not a leader (and not everyone is) then He’s positioned you to follow and support those He’s appointed to lead you and to pray for their courage in the face of fearful opposition.

God wants to use you to turn the world upside down.

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