Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Just Where Does God Fit In?

That the Democratic Party's original platform excluded the mention of God, while a departure from their past, should not be a surprise to anyone who has been watching their rapid movement away from traditional American values over the past few years.  And, in this free society it is certainly within their rights to do so if they so choose.

What is telling and appalling, however, is how, once they felt pressure to mention God, they amended their platform with what appeared to everyone to be less than the required 2/3 majority support.  That the chair proclaimed the amendment passed seemed a railroad job.  The people's voice seemed to be irrelevant to the process.

But most concerning was how many opposed the amendment to include to mention God.  Is this a party that reflects the values of most Americans?  Is this a party platform God-fearing people can support?

I hope not.  But perhaps I am wrong.  Much more is at stake here than jobs and deficits. 

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