Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Pro-choice Liberal Gets It! - Sally Jenkins, Washington Post

Sally Jenkins, a former Sports Illustrated writer, now writing for the Washington Post and a self-avowed pro-choice feminist has written a most excellent editorial on the Tim/Pam Tebow Super Bowl ad "controversy".

Finally someone who is pro-choice understands that one of the choices has to be to allow the unborn to live. Going against the flow of the river left, she calls out the abortion rights activists groups for their hypocrisy.

There are some superb quotes in this piece.

While she admits she disagrees with the Tebows' position, she at least argues his position is worth supporting.

Here's the link to the column.

And if you applaud her for having the courage to set herself up for criticism from her own side, send her an email and thank her for being a voice of reason and intelligence on a moral issue.

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