Sunday, January 3, 2010

Sunday Flashback

I commend everyone for braving the cold and getting up and out this morning! Brrrrrr!

Last Sunday I began a 6 week series through Isaiah 55 called "Looking Ahead With Hope at the New Year". It's a great passage for reminding us to get back to the basics in our spiritual lives.

Today was from verses 1 and 2 and directed us to the fact that our deepest needs can only be freely and permanently be satisfied by Christ. To introduce the teaching time the MP13 Band did a rendition of The Stones classic, "Satisfaction". More than a few jaws dropped! But it was a perfect fit! Following the message the band came back and led us in Chris Tomlin's "Enough", which they dusted off, but was the right song. That led into "The Desert Song", another one singing about God being our provision. The teaching should be up on our podcast by mid-week.

I absolutely get charged every Sunday just watching the church be the church, whether it's in serving one another or fellowshipping together or worshipping. To be in a church where the "vibe" is so positive and encouraging is killer. These folks actually love ministry and gathering together.

It's also great to see saints who get it, and are actively inviting friends and acquaintances to come check us out. Most who do come are pleasantly surprised at what they find. Many tell us that they didn't know church could be like this. Who knows how many who genuinely would like to know the Lord stay away because churches have failed to show and teach the relevance of Christ to the 21st century?

After church Doug Whitley, who is in town for a few days, and I went to lunch. You might remember that Doug launched last year's series on Moses with a fantastic portrayal of Moses telling his life story.

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