Sunday, May 10, 2009

Sunday Flashback

Mothers Day was also "Family Day" at Nags Head Church. And it was a lot of fun.

First, today was one of those picture perfect days on the Outer Banks. Blue skies and temps in the low 70's with a gentle north breeze. How could it be a bad day?

In his sermon - "Family Matters" - Andy (our youth and childrens pastor) told a telling statistic about our church. Each Sunday a church of 185 partners (members) ministers to 140 children and youth from infants through high school. Factor in the stat that says 43% of all who receive Christ do so before age 13. Looks like we're on target. His message was about the priority parents have to disciple their children. It was very good stuff. If you missed it, pick it up on the pod cast later this week.

Our Kidmo team (elementary students worship) came into "big church" this morning to give us a sampling of what their worship service is like. High energy, for sure! It was great.

One of our few traditions is to offer parent-child dedications on Mothers Day. I think there were about 15 little ones (including two sets of twins)this morning up front with parents and grandparents. It's a time when parents make a public commitment to rear their children in a godly, Christ-honoring home. Not an easy task.

Steve Wise told us about an upcoming trip our Hukilau Surf Camp is taking to help a church in Florida reach kids. He even tossed out some free t-shirts!

I love being a part of a church that loves families like this one!

Hope your Mothers Day was as great as ours.


Agnes said...

So thankful a Sunday school teacher led me to Christ at age 9. Don was 10 when he became a Christ follower and our children were; 6, 9, 12, 9, 7 and 7. Among the 9 grands, so far, one was 7,one 6 and one 5. Need to get that little hand into the hand of Christ early for sure. Thanks,
Andy for such good teaching. Oh and one son in law came to Christ through the witness of his friend in the 3rd grade.

BrunetteKoala said...

It wasn't Mothers Day in Scotland (don't why we celebrate it in March?)

Our Childrens and Families Pastor was talking about the same thing yesterday how so many people have found out about Jesus under the age of 14.

I didn't find out about Jesus in a positive way until I was 17 and at university.

Oh, and surf ministry friend and I were down the coast meeting other surfers yesterday evening. We're putting serious thoughts into starting a surfing-related expression of church.

ADDYouthPastor if you're reading, thank you for directing me to the Hukilau surf camp website. Been helpful and would love to see it all firsthand!!!

Rick Lawrenson said...

Maybe we can come to Scotland!