Monday, May 18, 2009

Stuffing the ballot box?

Will Kris win American Idol because Christians around the country vote for him solely because of his faith?

I'm sure I'll get some emails from zealots urging me to vote for Kris because he loves Jesus. You know, those forwards that the naive and shallow send out.

First, it's a talent competition. It's not about choosing someone because he/she is/isn't a Christian, a Hindu, or an athiest. To rally around a singer solely because he is a Christ-follower and not because he is the more talented cheats the system.

Worse, it makes "Christians" seem incredibly selfish and out of touch. Such campaigns only serve to weaken our potential influence, not strengthen it.

Don't send me the email. Don't ask me to cast the "Christian" vote on AI. Please. For the record, I like Kris. I thought Danny was better. I think Adam is hands down the most talented. And in case you're wondering, I don't vote. Never have, never will. It's just not something I take that seriously.
May the best singer win, regardless of his beliefs. And may Kris skillfully and effectively use the incredible platform he's been given to shed the light in places most of us will never get to go. If you vote and you vote for him, why not do it just because you think he is the better talent?

Let's not bring Jesus down to our level.


Melb. said...

Excellent post Rick...there is nothing else to say!

marcia said...

Amen, Rick!
I've been thinking many of those same things, but haven't been able to articulate them nearly as well as you have. Thanks.

Andy Lawrenson said...

If I voted I would vote Kris. Not because he is a Christian but because he doesn't stick his tongue out of his head and scream in a controlled pitch.

I liked Adam at first but the more I watched him the more I became tired of his high pitch controlled screaming.

But that's just me. Is it just me or if you close your eyes when Kris sings you hear a little of a Chris Tomlinesque tone to his voice?

Sleepy Girl said...

If Adam doesn't win, then there is something majorly wrong! I love Adam! I also like Chris, but he just can't touch Adam.

Patty said...

Very good post!

Anonymous said...

I completely agree, well said.

Have a beautiful week.


Roxanne said...

This is a bit why I don't have a Christian bumper sticker. Not because I am ashamed to associate myself, but I just feel like it is a level that is disrespectful for Him to share with Save the Whales (and all kinds of other things!) God's first family felt unworthy to even speak His name, or put vowels in it when written. It's just something that has always stuck with me. Not that I think everyone should agree with me, but a conviction of my own. Ok, I'm ready to be bombarded!

CFHusband said...

I'm voting for Kelly Clarkson.

I know what to get Roxanne for her birthday this year!

pawprintz said...

Right on.

Scott Lawrenson said...

Well said Roxanne...I am sure I am missing the point, but I cannot find it in me to watch American Idol (or much else), I'd rather have a root canal...don't feel like using perfectly good heartbeats and breaths for AI. No problem with those that may enjoy it. Realizing I am far from a biblical scholar, I must wonder if the leviticus passage about having no idols was really written with American Idol in mind?

CFHusband said...

now, why couldn't the Christians elect that old McCain dude a few months ago?

Rick Lawrenson said...

I'm just wondering about the outcome. How much did the "Christian" vote make a difference?

Of course there was also the teenybopper population that loved Kris, too.

But when the result was announced I was stunned.

Do you really think Lev. was aimed at this competition? I do see the application for sure, and I don't disagree that we have a problem in this culture with idolatry. But what if the name of the competition was "American Superstar" or something like that. Would that change your perspective?

Marlooney said...

Beautifully written!