Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sunday Flashback

There was a lot packed into both of our 75 minute worship gatherings today. Plenty of music; Burnie brought a devotional on how Moses' shepherd's staff became the staff of God; a great video clip about Student Life Camp and a sermon on an often overlooked story in Moses' life about disobedience.

Just before the 2nd gathering it started to rain lightly. Burnie and I were up on the balcony watching a lot of people running from the parking lot into church! The old addage that a few drops of rain keep Baptists from going to church on Sunday just doesn't seem to hold true here. And that's exciting. "Who are all these people?", I asked Burnie. He was clueless, too. And we're pastors!!

I heard that our infant nursery was packed out at 11. Good problem to have, but just another indicator that we've got to get those children's rooms finished upstairs so our nursery can expand. And how many more babies are on their way?? We're replenishing the earth, that's for sure.

Got to meet some young people visiting our area from Southern Seminary in Louisville, KY. That's quite a ride!

After the second gathering we had lunch (thanks Les and Carol) and some interviews with 7 young believers ready to take the plunge and partner with us. That's always an exciting day.

In a few minutes Contagious, our youth ministry takes over the facility, followed by Divorce Care. Busy day. Lots of lives being changed!

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