Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sunday Flashback

We're really having a great time with the life of Moses. There is so much in his life that totally relates to our lives today. It's a deep well. Lots of worshippers wrote out their excuses for not trusting and obeying God's call in their lives, and as Moses did at Sinai, left them there.

Spring is here on the OBX, which means each week as the weather gets warmer more and more folks make their way here for vacations and weekend get aways. And we see so many who come back to NHC year after year.

There was great energy at 9:00 today! Lately the early gathering has been a bit more sedate, but today they were wide awake and ready to worship.

When I arrived this morning around 8:00 and met Les and Carol in the kitchen there words of welcome were most excellent: "The coffee is ready!".

Denise gave a powerful personal testimony this morning of learning to trust God with her finances as a young, single mom and watching God take care of her family's needs.

If for no other reason I'd attend NHC just to hear the band and sing along. "The Power of Your Name" is one of my favorites. It speaks so well to the need of our culture for what only God can do and our task as ambassadors to take that message to the streets.

Can't wait for next Sunday!


Andy Lawrenson said...

There was probably more energy because the super twins are almost sleeping through the night so the Lawrensons were well rested.

The worship gathering was great and this series has been right on target. I think there is the potential for a certain pastor to turn this series into a book. If not I'll steal the idea ;)

Paul J. said...

So at what point as the weather gets warmer do you say "I have the sweetest gig in the world"?

Paul Joseph

Rick Lawrenson said...

I'd say about the first of May or so Paul! And it goes until around Thanksgiving.

But even in winter it's a sweet gig!