Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sunday Flashback

Today was a capstone to a great weekend at NHC.

The message was a bit more "technical" than what I usually bring, although I hope there was plenty of application there as we considered the everlasting name of God. Yahweh, Jehovah, the LORD. He's eternal and all sufficient. We know Him best as Jesus. I went back and did some tweaking on the message for the second gathering. There were a few rough spots that needed attention. I hope it helped.

The foggy, rainy day didn't keep folks away. In fact, our 11:00 gathering was the largest in several months, except maybe Christmas Eve. The MP 13 Band was amazing, leading us to sing about and to our great God. "Total Tithe Sunday" proved what we already knew. Trusting God with every aspect of our lives, even the most difficult, our finances, works.

A big group of youth from Colossae Baptist Church in King William, VA worshipped with us at 11. Every year we are visited by many groups of youth and adults who come here for retreats, and we're always glad to have them.

Saturday, btw, a dozen new attenders at NHC took my "Discovering Nags Head Church" class. Out of the dozen I think I only knew five prior to the class. That's awesome.

One of our young guys sitting on the front row this morning lost his breakfast during a song. I wouldn't have known it had it not been for one of our volunteer team leaders coming in with a mop to take care of things. Whatever it takes. And several times this morning I was working on some things, just getting ready, and each time someone asked, "Is there something I can do to help you?".

I love this church! God does as well.


CFHusband said...

great Sunday...bummed the double electric didn't work out, but it went great anyway. Sermon was great!

Roxanne said...

I don't usually think to tell you this, but often people will stop by the tech table after a sermon and ask about further info or how to hear/share the podcast, etc. Sometimes they are asking for a song title, too. Most of these requests are from out-of-towners who want more of what we get every week. Isn't it great to be able to send them along with a taste, and then technology allows them to keep on getting more after they go home? This has long been one of NHC's outreaches, I think. Thanks for all you do for us, Beach Preacher!

Andy Lawrenson said...

I have enjoyed coming to church with my family and experiencing what everyone else experiences each week from the moment I step out of the mini van.

How come no one is there to greet me at 7am on Sundays when I'm not on sabbatical. That would be a nice touch. ;)