Sunday, March 8, 2009

Pastor Dead After Shooting at a First Baptist Church in Illinois

What a sad story.
Who knows what was going on in the shooter's head to make him do something like this?

Would you please pray for the pastor's family and the church


Andy Lawrenson said...

Sad for everyone involved and the shooter's mom.

Every story I hear about a major disruption in the service the congregation always thinks it was a skit at first.

Jennifer said...

Have you heard that he had Lyme Disease? It's devastating to think that the disease I have could cause someone else to have such mental illness.

My prayers are with everyone involved.

brunettekoala said...

Praying. I heard about this on Sunday night. How awful.

Can you maybe also pray for what's going on in N.Ireland? After 12 years of peace - its threatening to all be undone with some IRA group having shot at 2 soldiers and Domino pizza guys and then the next 2 policemen. Also been several bomb threats.