Friday, March 20, 2009

The Blame Game on PA Ave...

Did they do some finger pointing yesterday, or what? The outrage of the American populus over government funded (that means it came out of our pockets) bonuses to executives of a failing financial corporation has prompted the politicians (thinking re-election) who wrote the permission slip to give out the funds to react in anger.

Anger at who? Some blame AIG and their arrogance at handing out rewards for failure with "our money". Some blame the Treasury Secretary for not doing a better job as an accountant. Others go higher and point to the Prez, saying it's his fault. Even a few are accepting the blame, saying, "Hey, we authorized the bailout".

There's lots of blame to go around. And the man on the street; the almost retired worker who has seen his/her retirement lose half of its value in the last year; the unemployed bread winner who can't find a job and is in danger of losing his savings and his home...we're all mad at "them".

But who put "them" in charge? Who is really to blame here?

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