Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A better idea? Apparently so.

So, how has Ford been able to avoid the collapse and government intrusion of GM and likely Chrysler? Henry's company has not come to Washington with hands extended looking for tax payer financing. By why not?

Is Ford actually competing with the supposedly superior Japanese auto makers?

Doesn't Ford live with the same draining demands of the UAW as the others in Detroit?

And today they are announcing that if you lose your job after buying one of their new cars they'll carry your loan for 12 months. How can they do that?

I haven't bought a Ford in over 20 years. My current ride is a 2001 Dodge truck. My wife's car speaks Japanese. So my questions are not based on a Ford favoritism at all. I couldn't tell you what car won any NASCAR race. I just want to know what has made the difference.

But I'm beginning to think that F O R D doesn't really mean "found on road dead".

(I can see myself in a Mustang, though.)


marie said...

I've heard F O R D - Fix or Repair Daily.
But, it shows that if a company like Ford is willing to change and adapt it can remain in business. Apparently GM & Chrysler weren't willing to look into the future so now they are begging for tax dollars. I believe the government has a right to expect them to make serious changes if they want our money. Especially when we are trying to wean ourselves off foreign oil from hostile countries. Otherwise, GM & Chrysler can close their doors and unfortunately layoff all their workers permanently.
I believe an American company has a responsibility to their country and their employees. Their greed and arrogance have brought them to their knees and placed all of us in a vulnerable situation of government takeover. Frankly it was nice to see a head roll at GM.

Yes, Rick, you are right. The government shouldn't be in charge of American companies but how did we get to this point? We can only hope that these companies will recover and be able to take the reins back and behave more responsibly in the future.
By the way, my Dad always drove a Ford.

ZazFamily said...

Yeah, there is something to be said for a company that can endure the tough times. I love my Taurus. I can only pray for the President.