Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sunday Flashback

Winter was back today!

This time of year finds a lot of folks out sick. But it's always a joy to watch others putting in overtime to fill the empty spots of ministry. I saw some of that happening in Kidmo this morning.

We returned to our series "The Journey - Start to Finish" today with Moses' encounter with his future wife and her family at a well. On this detour" in his journey Moses is about to learn who God is and some vital lessons about leadership.

Thanks to Exodus, a worship band from Liberty University for leading our worship this morning. They're a great group of guys. This was their second visit to NHC, both times here for The Call. Not only talented, they are passionate about God's people worshiping our Creator. LU can be proud of these young men.

Welcoming new partners in our fellowship is always a great time of celebrating. And today there were 10 to introduce. All have different stories of how they came to Christ and then to NHC. But they all have the common thread of hearing the Good News and then believing in Jesus.

Amber Elwood's art work is an awesome way to compliment our worship. Thanks Amber!
If you have a holiday tomorrow I hope you enjoy the day off!

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