Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sunday Flashback

Every so often we get to sit down with members of our global team and hear what God is doing around the world. Today was one of those opportunities. Don and Mary DeHart have given their adult lives serving God by reaching out with His love to First Nations people. Their particular field of service is in BC, Canada.

In recent years we've used our Sunday mornings to do interviews with visiting missionaries and hear them share their hearts. The missionaries enjoy it and the congregation gets to see and hear their passion.

The MP 13 Band made sure our songs today focused on the theme of giving our lives to love the world through Christ. The DeHarts also used a short video that gave us a glimpse into the horrors Native Canadians endured because of a joint effort of religion and the state for generations to eradicate their culture.

After church our elders and wives had lunch with seven new folks who are ready to commit to Nags Head Church. Thanks Hospitality Team for providing a fantastic lunch!

And thanks to all who stayed a little late to remove all the chairs in the auditorium and clear the stage, getting ready for The Call this coming weekend. Mike and Nate stayed even later making some adjustments to our stage lighting. It looks to be a great week ahead!

Next week - back to The Journey. And Exodus will be our guest worship leaders. Don't miss it.


CFHusband said...

I LOVE the times we get to do interviews on stage...don't know if you pay much attention, but people in the crowd are totally into it.

MammaPajama said...

You mentioned their daughter's mission efforts in Uganda. Where can I read more about this wonderful young lady? Thanks. Lori

Rick Lawrenson said...

Shoot me an email and I'll send you a link.