Saturday, February 5, 2011

God Don't Make No Junk

A few years ago in a conversation with an older adult she admitted a weakness in her life and in her own defense said, "I can't help it. It's how God made me." In other words, "Don't blame me for who I am. Blame God."

Well, let me say this kindly: God don't make no junk.

Every one of us are imperfect. Not God's fault. Our fault. When God created humanity and placed a man and a woman in the Garden of Eden they were perfect. But He gave them a choice. They chose to disobey Him and we've been making that choice ever since.

The Good News is God has a way of redemption...a means of reconciliation. If we come to Him through His Son Jesus Christ He transforms us. And the amazing thing is that when we come to Him in faith He accepts us just as we are.

But He doesn't expect us to stay "where we are". His standard for my life is no longer "just as I am" and that's the end of it. His standard for my life now that I have been accepted into His family is for me to resemble His Son. That's a lifelong process that will never be fully realized in this lifetime. But it's my goal...your goal, too, if you're a Christian.

That's what the word Christian means - "little Christ". He's our older brother and the one we aspire to be like. That means I can't be content to remain static. I can't be resolved to give up and say, "It's just the way I am" if God wants me to mature beyond me. God's measuring stick is not who I am today, but am I becoming more like Jesus.

Never accept you cannot change or that God accepts you just as you are. Not if Jesus lives in you. He's started a change process in you. Let Him continue day by day with your transformation. Like Adam and Eve we have a choice. But we can't blame God if the changes aren't happening.

I'm going through changes...changes in my life.
Holding on to good things that I find.
I'm going through changes...changes in my life.
And I'm leaving all my emptiness behind.
- Chuck Girard and Denny Correll


Thodgson said...

Amen, for He who began a good work... Philippians 1:6

Roxanne said...

I remember many years ago you said we can't blame and say, "I was raised that way" once we have accepted our spot in God's family because He is raisin' us now. That stuck with me.