Monday, January 24, 2011

Resisting a Temptation

I've enjoyed banter on Facebook for a couple years and on this blog for even longer. And anyone who knows me well knows I enjoy a good debate. Had I not been called by God to the pastorate I likely would have gone into law.

There are some things worth my time and energy defending. Those are the things that matter for eternity, like matters of faith and things like family, justice, integrity, honor and morality. Because those are part of my "job description" I can't be silent about them. As I recently told one who challenged me for calling a news item "gossip", "It is my business" to challenge malicious words.

Where I'm going to resist the temptation in a public forum such as this or FB is expressing my political views. While I hold them tightly and believe my political positions most sensible, I also realize that not everyone agrees with me - even friends. Add to that the fact that political diatribe has become more and more slanderous and full of hatred, I choose to bow out.

So, I'm zipping my lips when someone posts about what they think about political figures or the actions of elected officials. It's not that I don't have an opinion. I do. And, in private, I may share that opinion if you ask. And most certainly I'll express that opinion at the ballot box. But I don't want my opinion about temporal things to become an off button to someone who needs to hear from me things that are eternal.

Like Paul, I want to say, "This one thing I do...". And unless God changes my direction and moves me into politics (please, shoot me first, Lord) I'll refrain. If politics ventures over "the wall" into matters about which God has called me to address, I'll say so. (See my previous post for an example).

So, what's your calling?

2 comments: said...

Very nice. I see your point and I respect that.

theologien said...

Sorry, try again. A hearty Amen!