Monday, January 17, 2011

A "Reap what you sow" Story

Over a year ago I misplaced a money clip. I don't like keeping paper money in my wallet, so I had a clip where I kept folded bills in my pocket. Somehow I lost it. I thought it was in the house somewhere, but could never found it. There was some money, I couldn't remember how much in it, but eventually I bought another clip and moved on with life.

Friday I was coming out of Wal-Mart and just before I got to my truck I looked down. There was a picture of a young girl staring up at me from outside of a wallet on the parking lot. "Uh oh. Somebody's going to have a bad day", I thought. I picked it up and carried it to my truck.

Inside the wallet must have been a half-dozen credit cards, a drivers license, military ID, Medicare card... Lots of stuff no one wants to lose. I keep a phone book in my truck and was able to match the last name and address with a listing in the white pages. The number dialed, I had to leave a message with my name and phone # and a brief message: "I found your wallet and would like to return it to you."

A few minutes after arriving at home my phone rang, and we set up a location between us to meet. Her husband was glad to get the wallet back, and I felt good about the fact that they got it back intact.

The weather lately has left my truck pretty filthy, so on Saturday I took it to the local car wash for a cleaning inside and out. After it had been vacuumed, windows cleaned, dash dusted and washed and dried, I got back in and started to leave the parking lot in my shiny clean truck.

There on the passenger seat were a few things they found underneath my seat as they vacuumed. One of them was my long-lost money clip, cash intact.

God's watching, and He loves to reward.

"You will always harvest what you plant." - Galatians 6:7


Ken Pontes said...

Very nice. Thanks for posting. My wife found a little business-sized card in the house recently (we're still finding things here and there from when her folks lived here). It simply says, "Thou GOD seest me." I'm going put it on my desk at work.

Agnes said...

Yes you will harvest what you plant; and .... you will grow old, forget, misplace things, turn gray and your teethe will fall out. Ecclesiastes

Melissa said...

Years ago, my Army roommate and I had a discussion in which she said if she ever found a wallet she would never return it, even if it had ID or would just keep the cash and leave the wallet. I was astonished. She was a person I admired and trusted, I would never have expected that from her but she stood firm on "finders keepers". The very next day we took a train ride to Nuremberg (we were stationed in Germany) where we planned a day of shopping. On the ride there my roommate left her wallet on the train. As soon as she discovered that we rushed back to the train, thankfully still in the station. The wallet was right where she left it, cash gone. The timing was unreal, having had just discussed this the day prior and in fact, practically argued the point as I strongly disagreed with her. When my roommate discovered her cash gone she knew what I was thinking. It doesn't seem the whole thing was just a coincidence.

Rebecca Meyers said...

That's awesome! I love stories like that.