Sunday, March 1, 2009

Sunday Flashback

Lots of rain didn't hamper anything today at NHC.

I got to meet some new folks, many who have been invited by others in the church. And I'm still astounded by the growing numbers driving in from Columbia and Elizabeth City, especially on a day like today. Wow!

Our First Impressions team was over the top today. They were out in the parking lot with umbrellas assisting women and children to the church. With a major roof leak causing havoc at the men's room door way they stood guard with a mop, trying to make sure there was safe passage. Then, at 11:00 they were on top of seating situation, adding extra chairs. You all are great!

Our band showed how flexible they are in the first gathering, coming up with an extra song w/o warning and w/o music. The song selections went so well with the message about God coming down to rescue His people and how our lives are changed when we respond to His call. This series on Moses' story is jammed full of relevant life application.

Like most churches in the US, we're seeing the affects of the economy. Members are being laid off from their jobs; foreclosures are imminent for some. So it's necessary for the church to provide the support and encouragement that so many are needing right now. It's also a time for the church to see her mission to the community in providing hope and truth.

Don't forget to set your clock's ahead when you go to bed Saturday night!


brunettekoala said...

I love hearing how things are going in NHC. And it's often the 'small things' that I like to hear about and think 'that's such a simple thing, but a good idea'.

I don't know why in our rainy country we hadn't thought about getting umbrellas to get people dry from car to church door.

I'm part of one of the music teams that serve the church I'm a member of, and been in that place where you need to be flexible. We're now making an effort to learn songs by heart so we can do this. Also helps to have a great person on DTP too!

Noticed as well the surf camp ministry. Would love to hear more about how that works as recently a few of us in my smallgroup been thinking of tying in our love of beach, surf and VW camper vans with being Jesus to our community.

CFHusband said...

Amber's burning bush art is my favorite so far!

marie said...

@Nathan...they are all so good that I can't decide on a favorite yet.
@Rick...thanks for the reminder about clocks. I really didn't even know.

Andy Lawrenson said...

@brunettekoala - VW camper vans! Excellent!

brunettekoala said...

@Andy - I know!!! I love them. Our smallgroup leaders next door neighbour have one which he has been doing up and he was showing it to us when I was round there for lunch a couple of sundays ago. It's amazing. He gets all these parts from eBay and just like voila! builds a van/car/bike/house (ok...not the house but hopefully you get the picture).

I've commissioned the youngest member of our smallgroup (she's 4) to 'design' it as she thinks it should be like the Mystery Machine from Scooby Doo.

Thanks for the link, will check it out. I've just realised you're a youth worker too!