Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Sometimes there are no answers

Tragedy struck close to home yesterday. A car accident resulted in the death of a high school student. He was an only child. His girlfriend was driving the car.

These kinds of life events cause great pain that is sadly compounded by questions that no one can adequately answer; at least not me. I've learned to say, "I don't know."

Skeptics may call "religion" (I don't consider my relationship with God a "religion") a "crutch". And maybe it is. But what's wrong with having support when you hurt and are limping around? I'll take all the "crutches" I can get when I'm not able to make it on my own. (Which is 24/7.)

I'm grateful to have faith and a God who is there for me when I need Him. And I'm glad to know that whenever I need Him He is there, even if I am searching for answers that just don't/won't come. I've found it's not answers I need. It's the comfort of knowing that the One who knows is the One who cares most and simply says, "Put your cares on me. I can handle it."

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Sorry to hear about the loss.