Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sunday Flashback

A busy day today at NHC.

Apparently our parking lot was full for the 11:00 gathering. I saw a number of cars parked along the street. And it's January, not July.

This afternoon our Divorce Care is meeting early so they can all catch the Super Bowl this evening. Then 50+ students will gather for Contagious.

Today was the second week in our teaching series on The Journey- Start to Finish. At age 40, after murdering an Egyptian overseer, Moses was under the impression that the Hebrew slaves would welcome him with open arms as their deliverer. But they didn't. They weren't ready to follow him, and he wasn't ready to lead. Not yet.

Patience is key to living out God's will God's way. That kind of patience is the result of being under the guidance of God's Holy Spirit. Moses would have to learn some tough lessons as his journey takes a detour in Midian for 40 years.

The band was awesome today. The songs fit well, especially the one about waiting on the Lord.

Next Sunday we'll interview a new bunch of potential new partners in our fellowship. These are exciting days.

See you Wednesday night for First Wednesday.


Andy Lawrenson said...

Tambourine was rocking!

I saw several people who were obviously moved while singing worship to God today. It is always an encouragement to watch others worship God.

CFHusband said...

I'm thinking we may want to prepare for three services this summer...just in case...

Stephanie said...

Mr. Lawrenson,

I live in Arkansas and found your blog through Nate's. I need to ask for your prayers and the prayers of whomever you know. It is not for me, but for my cousin's daughter. She is 7 and felt God move in her heart. Since the day she accepted Jesus into her heart Satan has waged a war on that family! My cousin's wife, Nicole, has a blog at The store is told in more detail (and worse spelling) there, but basically since her second daughter (they have 4 kids) came to know Christ Nicole has been hospitalized witha mystery heart problem (she's only 29 or 30), the oldest came down with fever the first Sunday Heidi was to be baptized, and then Heidi came down with fever last night so the baptism was again postponed. Satan is fighting very hard for a 7 year old girl. Please ask for prayer. As Nicole wrote, he will NOT win here. Thanks, and sorry for the length.


Rick said...

Thanks for asking Stephanie.
Will do.