Friday, October 3, 2008

Right place, right time. You gotta love it.

Sorry Andy.


Terry Gray Sr. said...

Man....ever have one of those days that just don't go right? I pulled my pride and joy out of the garage. The "Harley" was shining, looked almost wet, and when I hit the starter, it purred as it had never done before. This was gonna be a great ride. Cool, not much traffic, just man and his machine. What could be better? My Sweet, Sweet wife was baking a pie and the smell of it filled the house. It smelled great, I thought to myself, (self), when you get back from this ride, you can cut a big piece of that pie and then hit that soft recliner, and just dose off to a pleasant place in your mind.

Along the way on my ride, I happened across an agitating car that just would not let me alone. When I sped up he would speed up, when I slowed down, yup, he would slow down. Everything I tried to do to get away from him, he would copy. Bikers do not like to ride next to a car. (you can not trust them) I pulled into a 7-eleven, yup he pulled in too.

I thought to myself, (self) soon everything will be ok. It will just be you, the recliner, that pie.

Got home about 4:00pm, it is now 9:05 pm. I still haven't seen even a crumb of that pie.

Where is it?

MilePost13 said...