Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Digging Up Dirt

On this past Friday a presidential candidate announced his choice for his running mate. Immediately the press demonstrated its character by going on a search for skeletons in her closet.

Rumors began to circulate via blogs that Gov. Palin's 4 month old son was actually the son of her 17 year old daughter. False.

To quell that maliciousness the Palins put out a statement that their daughter was actually 5 months along in a pregnancy with plans to marry her child's father. In a statement demonstrating his own character, the opposition candidate, Sen. Obama, threatened to fire any of his staff found guilty of spreading rumors about candidates' families. Well done.

Next, it's been discovered that Palin's husband Todd was arrested for a DUI 22 years ago when he was 22.

I once owned a black lab who would dig up the carcasses of dead chickens she had killed and I had buried. Days later the rotting corpse would reappear. I guess it was in her nature.

It's a political year. Unfortunately the vultures will continue to circle, searching for carrion to feed a populace that seems to hunger for such things.

God, on the other hand has a different nature. When one of His children sins He provides forgiveness through the death of His Son and "buries that sin in the depths of the sea", remembering it "no more". His concern is not what we did, but who we are. We are to learn from our past blunders, understand grace, be changed by it and move on.

Likewise, we who are His children are to adorn His nature and follow suit. Holding grudges, searching closets for skeletons, digging up dirt on someone else misrepresents the new nature we've been graciously given. And what we sow we will reap.


The Mazza Munchkins said...

Humans have been able to explore the outer limits of space, and almost every square inch of the earth, but the sea. I do believe that God has put a stop man's ablitly to explore the ocean because He doesn't want us to "dig" up what should be left alone.

PS Thanks for the tip on the stores in the OBX.

MelB. said...

Amen to that Rick! Great post. And God is awesome isn't he. Praise his name.

Kim said...

Your black lab and the press are so alike. So glad that God is nothing like either!

Nancy said...

Great post today Rick. It was exactly what I needed to hear today.

TomasekBride said...

Families, especially children of running mates are OFF LIMITS. I completely agree with Obama on his stance that 1. his daughter is off limits and I'm glad that 2. he pointed out his own mother was on 18 upon getting pregnant with him (though I don't think he added if she was married or not.)

This is a good post but I have a question. Would you have posted the same thing had it been Obama or Biden's daughter?

I've been asking all my conservative AND liberal friends that same question and I"ve gotten different answers. Just wondering what you think!!

Excellent Post as usual!!!!

Terry Gray Sr. said...

I think that when you start talking about politics, the family, kids and such are off limits. It should be focused on the individuals talents, job performance, and abilities and then draw the line there.

Rick Lawrenson said...

Absolutely. Leave the kids alone.
This criticism is straining at gnats.

Andy Lawrenson said...

Hey Liberal Media!
Remove the telephone pole out your eye before you go for the speck in Palin's eye.