Monday, August 4, 2008

Live it out loud

Here are some comments about and quotes from Darrell Green and Art Monk, who were inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame Saturday. Read the entire article by Washington Post writer Mike Wise here.

On the night their championship careers were validated in Canton, Monk's words were as elegant and dignified as Green's were passionate and tearful. They did not come to the birthplace of football as much as they came home, speaking to their extended families. They took the podium and made it their pulpit -- pastors of disparate styles and mannerisms, bringing their people to applause, over and over.
At times they led less of a Redskins revival than a religious one, mentioning often their conversion to evangelical Christianity.
"As great as this honor is, it doesn't define who I am or reflect the accomplishments in my life," Monk said. "I'll always be known as a Redskin. That's right," he said, as the crowd roared. "One thing I want to make clear is my identity and security is found in the Lord."

Green often mentioned "my relationship with Jesus Christ," ...
One of the quotes that caught my attention was, "There is only one Lord and that is Jesus Christ". I believe it was Monk who said that.

I'm reminded of Paul's words in Romans 1:16, when this man who had overcome severe hatred toward Christians and the idea that Jesus was Messiah only to become the movement's greatest proponent. He wrote, For I am not ashamed of this Good News about Christ. It is the power of God at work, saving everyone who believes—Jews first and also Gentiles.

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Jane-Jane said...

Praise God for men that are in the spot light that follow Jesus!

and...thanks for the warning that Nate's chrome dome is not pretty. But praise God his hair grows quickly! lol