Tuesday, August 26, 2008

30 Years Later at the Big A

Gail, Richard, Carol and I went to watch the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (marketing sell-out at its worst)play the Oakland Athletics (another great name)at Angels Stadium, aka known to locals as "The Big A".

I used to attend games frequently here in my high school days. Tickets were cheap and the stadium just 3 miles from our house. When Gail and I lived here during our first year of marital bliss (also our first year of marriage) we would go often or I'd go with friends.

Tonight was our first time back since 1978.

I discovered that even though their name has changed a couple of times (California Angels to Anaheim Angels to the current non-sense) and their uniform colors went from a predominant navy blue to the current red and their mascot is a monkey showing his teeth, and the stadium has been somewhat renovated, the rules are still the same.

The A's won 2-1 because base running skills count. But I predict that barring a total collapse, the Angels will be in the post-season. And the rally monkey will once again cause the rest of the nation to ask, "What is that?".

I love baseball. But leave the monkey in the Tarzan movies. Besides, he didn't help tonight.


Mrs Redboots said...

We don't have baseball in this country, so it's new to me - I was fascinated to watch the Olympic final between Korea and Cuba the other day. I just wished the BBC hadn't taken a feed from NBC, because of course the NBC commentators assumed one knew what was happening - and I hadn't a clue!

Paul J. said...

yeah, but isn't it fun to say "rally monkey"?

Michelle Jamie said...

I was born in 1978!!

Susan Hooper said...

OK Rick,
I just have to say it...... Be nice to my Angels! You came 3000 miles and managed to see an Angel game???? Hmmm, Look for us in the playoffs!
Susan in the OC

Rick Lawrenson said...

I'll be cheering for them in the playoffs. Esp. since my hometown team has the worst record in baseball.

If you need to ask, check the standings in the paper.